Hotel Noise Issues

Hotels, due to their multi-functional nature, present all the noise problems of Residences, Nightclubs, Outdoor Spaces, Gyms and Mechanical Equipment. Hospitality Industry developers seeking Community Board Approval, Liquor Licenses and/or Building Permits will want to visit our page on those topics here.

Guest Privacy & Comfort

Hotel guests don't like to hear noise from neighboring rooms; it disturbs their sleep and makes them worry that the sound may go both ways, compromising their own privacy. Such concerns are best addressed in the design phase. Retrofitting rooms for greater soundproofing is much more expensive.

Restaurants, Nightclubs and Lounges

These are popular amenities as well as sources of business revenue, but they can lead to noise complaints from both inside and outside the hotel. Liquor licenses require an approval process with the Community Board and the State Liquor Authority. We can help with soundproofing and sound system issues, and can provide the objective evidence needed to get such projects approved. Our consultant Alan Fierstein has successfully testified before the relevant agencies on behalf of hotels and other businesses.

Outdoor Spaces

Courtyards, terraces and rooftops have become popular locations for bars, restaurants and swimming pools. But depending on the proximity to residential neighbors, music and even patrons' voices can cause a disturbance. Moreover, Community Boards tend to take a hard look at such outdoor uses. Hotel developers have to show they have plans based on solid objective data to prevent any disturbance to the surrounding community. Using rooftop space also presents the possibility of sound transmission to guest rooms on the floors below.

Air Conditioning and Mechanical Systems

Hotels, like all large buildings, can disturb residential neighbors with noise from outdoor equipment such as cooling towers, air conditioners and ventilation fans. And no front desk wants guests calling throughout the night about banging noises from an elevator shaft or a hum from the ice machine.

Fitness Centers, Indoor Pools etc.

Hotel amenities can help convince guests to choose your hotel, but it is necessary to shield guest rooms from the noise they may cause. Exercise machines are an especially common source of complaints.