Testimonial Letter re: Studio Design

On the advice of salesmen "experts", this project studio owner bought and installed ineffective acoustic materials. Even after several tries, "there were simply no discernible results". He now says that he would have "saved [him]self one hell of a lot of money, time and aggravation" if he had hired Acoustilog first.

David Kincaid

December 22, 2007

Al Fierstein - Acoustilog
19 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10013

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a veteran recording artist and producer/engineer with a small studio (and I mean small - 9’ 9” W x 8’ 5” D x 8’ H) in an old Manhattan apartment building. I found that after properly soundproofing the floor and ceiling, the room acoustics were atrociously bad. The standing waves were severe, making the low frequencies extremely dominant and/or uneven, therefore making the room unworkable for judging sound on any level or for any purpose, be it recording tracks or mixing.

This led me to the internet where I was taken in by the claims of a company (which shall remain nameless) that markets and sells “acoustic foam,” which, according to their marketing, will cure all your acoustical problems. The more of this stuff I bought – at the recommendations of one of their “experts” – the more frustrated I became as there were simply no discernible results. This is especially true of their very expensive foam bass-traps, which simply DO NOT WORK!!

Finally, after a lot of expense and several consultations with this company’s “expert,” I was told by this same fellow that I should bring in an acoustical engineer. This is where Al Fierstein entered the scene. He came in with his extensive experience and very sophisticated equipment, took some readings, then told me very calmly that the first thing that had to happen was the removal of most of the foam, especially the big, foam bass-traps, as all they were doing was dulling down the mids and highs and actually making the room response all the more uneven. He then made recommendations on an EQ and proper positioning and mounting for the monitors, along with the proper materials (which, by the way, he does not sell) and manner of application for genuine acoustic treatment.

I can only say that the results were immediate, phenomenal, extremely effective and palpable to even the layman (my wife could not believe the difference in sound). Had I gone to Al in the first place, I would have saved myself one hell of a lot of money, time and aggravation. If anyone out there finds themselves in a similar position, the best thing they could do is contact Acoustilog, and then follow Al’s recommendations to the letter.


David Kincaid
Haunted Field Music

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