Is That Noise Inaudible?

In a 2015 case before the NYC Board of Standards and Appeals, our residential clients heard weights dropping in the downstairs gym. The gym's acoustic consultant said that not only did he not hear the bangs, but they were quieter than some study's "threshold of hearing", implying that Al Fierstein and the residents were all lying.

An unreasonable noise does not necessarily have to be louder than some number.

If someone says that you can't hear something when you clearly can, maybe they have defective hearing, or maybe they are twisting the facts.

So how can a noise below the "threshold of hearing" be heard?

In this video testimony, you can hear the consultant and the gym's lawyer try to convince the BSA that there was no audible sound. Al Fierstein of Acoustilog then explains to the Board members the full story.

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Opposing Testimony
Alan Fierstein's Testimony